A visual art collective for humans, by humans.

We create emotionally-deep imagery that embodies Grief & Joy, Love & Loss — the paradoxes of being human.



In the trees, by the water, surrounded by thirteen of our dearest friends, we were married and it was magic.

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Love first

We fought hard for our love, and we know you fought for yours. Documenting that hard-won love, no matter what it looks like, is the center of who we are & what we do.

Our clients are our collaborators

We meet you where you are and commit to being fully present so that we can create something meaningful together.

Your story matters

Our imagery isn’t about fitting in with the latest trends, but visually communicating your truth. It’s our honor to step into your story with you.


questions that fascinate laura:
How do people interact with nature? With art? With light? What influence do the stars have
on us? Why does it all matter?

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boys closeup.jpg

Kadi is in love with discovering how people interact with each other, how they love and hold and see one another, & their roles in each other’s lives.

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interested in creating meaningful art together? (we are.)

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