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To mother is to love. It is the foundation, the structure, and the peak.

Jena Pincott 


It is my deepest joy to affirm, celebrate, and walk alongside families

as they bring their babies earthside.

I want to be a present and constant support for women and their babies throughout what is a tender, transformative, and triumphant unfolding. It is my honor to hold space for and protect what is holy and powerful in this season of families lives.

I trained through DONA in early 2018 with incredible birth workers in the Greater Minneapolis & St. Paul area. I have attended over 40 births and have experience with supporting the laboring person through massage, counter pressure, advocacy, and education. Before I was a doula, I was a professional birth and newborn photographer for ten years with experience in working with over 500 newborns and their families. In addition to supporting families around me, I have been a foster mother to six newborns and three children.



A Swahili word meaning “motherbaby,” giving language to the concept that a birthing mother and her newborn child are not two separate beings, but an infinitely interrelated form.



2+ Prenatal Visits

During prenatal visits we will discuss your birth preferences, options and any childbirth related questions you may have. I will also go over birthing comfort measures with you and you’ll have access to my lending library of birth related books.

Unlimited Phone, Text, and Email Support

From the time you sign the contract, I am available to you via calls, texts, and emails whenever you may need me.

The Birth

I am on call 24/7 during the month of your guess date. During your labor and birth, I will come to you whenever you may need me and stay until around two hours postpartum. I will support you through use of massage, counter-pressure, a rebozo, a birth ball, essential oils, visualization, and helpful techniques to assist in optimal baby positioning during labor, as well as supporting the birth partner (if present). I offer professional birth photography & video, breastfeeding support, and more.


I will visit you at least twice in your first six weeks postpartum to answer any questions you may have about your birth, listen and process your experience with you, and support you with any postpartum issues that may arise.


  • Blessingway Ceremony: contact for pricing

  • Organization: baby room, closets, kitchens- $30/hr

  • Carseat installation: $30 (I have been trained by a child passenger safety technician)

  • Colic care: contact for pricing

  • Birth Film: $500

  • Postpartum Support - $30/hour

  • Overnight help: $40/hr (minimum 6 hours per night)

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