truest truth

Your Story. Your Home. Your History. Documented.

No matter where you call home, there is no place on earth that means more to you and your children.

Your home is where you live and love, where your memories are born.

I would love to be invited into your home to capture your truth and the beauty that lies there.

In 2017, I will only be photographing families and their littles in the spaces that belong to them. I want to photograph you at home. I want to return to documenting complete authenticity and the places that bring you comfort and joy.

I will be doing outdoor park sessions twice a year (spring and fall) in the form of mini sessions - because let's be real, sometimes you just want that perfect christmas card photo and mini's are made for that. 

I am thrilled to finally be fully stepping into this change. It's where my heart has been headed for a long time and while making this leap feels risky and big, I hope you'll trust me and stick around even if you're hesitant about being photographed in your home. There is truth here, it's important. 

Childhood comes, it goes. Preserve it for you. Preserve it for them. 


This is a taste of what an in-home family session with me feels like. One of their sweet girls was sick with an ear infection so this shoot only lasted twenty minutes but it was still overflowing with honesty, imagination, and beauty. I walked away with the conviction that these are the images I want to make and this is the art that I want to shoot with integrity and intention. It feels the truest to me and the truest to the families i'm photographing.